19 April 2018

New Stamps from India

 Goan Tiatr, 125th Anniversary

Date of Issue  : 17 April  2018 

India Post issued a Set of 2 stamps and MS on 125th Anniversary of Goan Tiatr on 17th April 2018 in denomination of Rs 25 & Rs 5.

Defence Research and Development Organization

Date of Issue : 11 April 2018

India Post issued a commemorative stamp on  Diamond Jubilee of DRDO  in denomination of Rs 10 on 11th April 2018.

Image Courtesy : Stamps of India

17 April 2018

Indian philatelist receives appreciation certificate from Michel stamp catalogues

Mr Shrikant Parikh noted philatelist from Ahmedabad  has received the Certificate of  Appreciation from Michel, for his 40 years of contribution to MICHEL, the renowned German Stamp Catalogue publishing company as their Indian correspondent. Mr Parikh is well known for his best collection on se-tanant stamps. His wonderful collection of Se-tenants could be seen on his blog http://setenantsofindia.blogspot.in/

Listings of Indian stamps in MICHEL katalog....
from their monthly published stamp magazines.........
all Indian stamps, including all MY-STAMP issued so far, are listed in MICHEL catalogue from the continuous contribution of Mr Shrikant Parikh

16 April 2018

Audio Visual Postcard

Post card was first introduced by Austria in 1869 and since then millions of Post Cards had been issued by many countries both officially or privately.

Dipok Dey

On 15th April 2018 & Noted philatelist and artist Shri Dipok Dey from Kolkata  released a NEW KIND of Post Card-AUDIO VISUAL POSTCARD under Immortal Song Series on behalf of Bharatiya Daktikit Sangstha. One can enjoy the moving pictures of Heroes and Heroines, dancing and singing the song in a film.

HOW to SEE it?

In your smart phone download QR scanner, then scan the QR code printed on the Post Card- open browser- open with YOU TUBE and enjoy the song. His son Kaushik Dey developed the code and helped to incorporate it in the main design.
He has  selected 20 songs from - 1949 to 1965 from the movies he he had  seen in his childhood to college days with his friends.

Even when you are in facebook with your Computer, you can enjoy it. Just focus on the QR code on the computer screen and you can enjoy it.

In every smart phone there is QR scanner only you will have to download it.

Foundation Day Celebration of Karnataka Philatelic Society, Bengaluru

Karnataka Philatelic Society, Bengaluru celebrated its 43rd Foundation Day on 1st April 2018 at General Post Office, Rajbhavan Road, Bengaluru - 560001.

22nd March 1975 is the day on which the Karnataka Philatelic Society was registered as a society with Govt. of Karnataka. It is decided by the Governing Council that, this day i.e., 22nd March will be celebrated as the Foundation Day of the Society.

The Chief Guest for the function was Dr. Charles Lobo, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Region.  During his address, Dr. Lobo emphasized on the co-operation between Karnataka Philatelic Society and Postal Department.  He appreciated all the help and coordination done by the society for various events conducted the by Department.

The celebration function was attended by many members and guests.

Vice President of the Society Mr. Nikhilesh Melkote welcomed all guests and members and explained the importance of the day.

President Mr. K. Chaitanya Dev gave a presentation on the various philatelic activities prevailing in Bengaluru before the Karnataka Society was formed.  Also, his presentation detailed various activities Karnataka Philatelic Society has embarked up on, after its inception in 1975.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sita Bhateja, renowned International Philatelist delivered the Col. L G Shenoi memorial lecture.  During her lecture, she touched upon various contributions Col. Shenoi has given for the Karnataka Philatelic Society and to the philately community of Bengaluru, Karnataka and India.  She re-lived all such moments during her lecture.

The highlight of the celebrations was the One-Page Philatelic Exhibit exhibition conducted for its members.  The single most important aspect of a One Page Exhibit is the Story it relates in a concise manner with the help of postal materials.

Following were the conditions specified for this one-page exhibit competition :

·        - The story can be related with stamps alone or with stamps, covers, appropriate material and text or captions. 

·         -The Story told in One Page Exhibit must be entirely contained on one page only. 

·         -The exhibit may include stamps, covers and other recognized philatelic material from the established Exhibiting Classes with written text as necessary to relate a “Philatelic Story”. 

·         -Non-philatelic materials need to be avoided.

·         -The story should be evident from the accompanying text or the general arrangement of the philatelic story. 

The winner of the competition was chosen by the members of Karnataka Philatelic Society by a popularity vote.

Ms. Sanvi Suresh for her display on Geometric shapes in Nature won the first prize.  Mr. G K. Shenoy for his exhibit on Bisects and Splits won the second prize and Ms. N Sridevi won the third prize for her exhibit on Artistry in Air.

This is first time such a concept of One-Page Philatelic exhibit competition was conceived and conducted in India.  The President of the society promised its members that this will be regular feature in the future monthly meetings of Karnataka Philatelic Society and also will consider this to be a separate section in the next Karphilex, the club’s own stamp exhibition.

The Foundation Day celebration concluded with Vote of Thanks by Mr. Naveein O C, General Secretary and then with a high tea.

- K. Chaitanya Dev

   President, KPS

12 April 2018

GOMMATPEX-2018 , Sravanabelgola


National level philatelic exhibition on Jainism theme GOMMATPEX-2018 successfully organized at famous pilgrimage centre and tourist attraction Sravanabelgola in Hassan District of Karnataka on 7th and 8th April 2018. 62 participants from all over India participated in this exhibition.

This exhibition was jointly organized by India Post, Karnataka Philatelic Society, Jainism Philately Group and Shri Jain Math Sravanabelgola at Interpretation Centre. A beautiful special cover was also released on this occasion.

Traditional postman with ancient dress and classical Karnataka Music escorted the guests His Holiness Bhattarak Charukirti Swami Ji, CPMG Dr. Carles Lobo, PMG Mr. Rajendra Kumar, National Chairman of Jainism Philately Group Mr. Sudhir Jain, Gommatwani Editor Mr. Ashok Kumar, Exhibition Chairman Mr. Mahaveer Kundur, Co-ordinator Mr. Jagannath Mani, Secretary Mr. H. C. Sadananda, Treasurer Mr. Manish Jain etc. Flag hosting and lighting of lamp was also very attractive.

Mrs. Rashmi Jain started the inaugural function with manglacharan song. Pujya Bhattarak Swamiji inaugurated the exhibition and blessed all the participants for spreading principles of Jainism through Philately. Chief Postmaster General Dr. Charles Lobo told that first permanent pictorial cancellation of Karnataka was introduced at Sravanabelgola in the year 1978 and after that Gommateshwara is the main attraction of Philatelists and maximum number of covers, cancellations, frankings have been issued on Gommateshwara.

It was a non competitive exhibition and all the participants received medal and certificate.
One the same day one more special cover has been issued to commemorate Diamond Jubilee of Sravanabelgola Post Office. 

Jainism Philately Group National Meet  successfully organized at Sravanabelgola

3rd National Meet of Jainism Philately Group (JPG) successfully organized at world famous religious place Sravanabelgola (Karnataka) on 7th April 2018 fallowed by visit of other historical places of Philatelic importance on 8th and 9th April 2018. About 150 members from all over India participated in the meet.

National Meet was inaugurated by Param Punya Swastishri Bgatdarak Charukirti Swamiji of Shri Jain Math Sravanabelgola and presided by JPG National Chairman Mr. Sudhir Jain (Satna). It was started with the mangalacharan by Mrs. Trishala Jain and welcome song by Mrs. Rashmi Jain. Editor of Gommatvani Mr. Ashok Kumar, National Vice Chairman Mr. Pramod Kumar Kain (Pondicherry) and Dr. Pradip Jain (Balod), General Secretary Mr. Mithalal Jain (Pune), Karnataka State Convenor Mr. Mahaveer Kundur (Hubli) and Mr. Manish Jain (Bangalore) were on the Dias. 

Chief guest Pujya Bhatrarak Ji given hiss blessings to the Group for spreading massages of Jainism like Ahimsa and non violence through Philately. He suggested to pursue release of commemorative stamps on first Jain saint Aacharya Shantisagar Ji Maharaj, brave queen of Karnataka Rani Abbakka, famous Maharani Shantala and Danchintamani Atimabbe.

Two beautiful books were also released on this occasion. First was " Dak tickaton par Jain itihas evam sanskrati" written by Mr. Suresh Kumar Jain (Ludhiana) and second was "Philately on Jainism" written by Mr. Vikas Jain (Ajmer) and Mr. Pramod Kumar Jain (Pondichery).

After the Sravanabelgola Meet JPG tour was organized for historical places Helebidu, Belur, Dharmsthala, Venur, Karkala and Moodbidri. All these places have permanent pictorial cancellations and a beautifully designed booklet covering Philatelic items related to these places released by Padmavibhushan Rajarshi Dr. Virendra Heggade Ji on 9th April 2018 at Dharmsthala in a grand function organized by JPG.

In Moodbidri JPG members visited famous Thousand Pillar Temple and witnessed rare ratna idols of precious stones and ancient manuscripts on tadpatras. Moodbidri Bhatrarak ji honoured all the JPG members in a function.

- Sudhir Jain, Satna (MP)

10 April 2018

New Stamps on animals.

New Sheetlets from Czech Republic  with  stamps on animals  

Two Sheets of personalized stamps will be issued  in Czech Republic in the end of May. .
Each sheet with 25 stamps and all stamps are featuring different African animals.
The issue honors the former director of the Zoological Park in Dvur Kralove (Czech Republic).

It´s a limited Edition with 1 000 pieces of each sheet only.

-  Wolfgang Beyer, BDPh (German Philatelic Federation) and Slavomil Strnad (Czech Philatelic Federation)

  • Fossil Mammals in Slovenia - Mastodon

Date of Issue : 23 March 2018

Two million years ago the landscape of Slovenia was very different from the way we see it today. The soaring Alps in the west and the forested landscape with patches of marsh and endless plains in the east were an ideal environment for large proboscideans and other mammals. One of the last European mastodons – of the Anancus arvernensis species – would periodically graze in forest clearings here. Anancus arvernensis inhabited a large part of Europe, appearing in the late Miocene and surviving until the start of the Pleistocene. Some other species inhabited parts of Asia and Africa. The Anancus was very similar to today's elephants, although with much longer, straight tusks and different-shaped teeth. 

Fossil remains have been found in Slovenia in the Šalek Valley, near Slovenska Bistrica and in many parts of the Slovenske Gorice, Čentibske Gorice and Goričko hill regions. Teeth are the most frequently discovered remains. The best-known site for such finds was discovered near the village of Škala, not far from Velenje, where parts of a skeleton and tusks were also unearthed. The new postage stamp depicts a mastodon tooth discovered more than 70 years ago in a gravel pit close to Sveti Andraž in the Slovenske Gorice hill region. This large tooth (a molar) is from the lower jaw, as also indicated by its strong root. 

The age of the tooth is not entirely clear, but it is likely to have belonged to an animal that grazed this hill area, covered with sparse woodland, in the late Pliocene. Changes in the environment in the early Pleistocene, approximately two million years ago, also contributed to the extinction of the last mastodon to roam across the territory of present-day Slovenia. Today the mastodon's tooth is on display at the Natural History Museum of Slovenia. The stamp also incorporates a form of augmented reality: use the HP Reveal app to scan the stamp on a mobile device and launch an X-ray video of the cross section of the mastodon's tooth. Matija Križnar, senior curator, palaeontologist Natural History Museum of Slovenia 

Today the mastodon's tooth is on display at the Natural History Museum of Slovenia. The stamp also incorporates a form of augmented reality: use the HP Reveal app to scan the stamp on a mobile device and launch an X-ray video of the cross section of the mastodon's tooth. 

Source : Slovenia Post

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